Home Selling Tips

The most desirable and inexpensive lighting is natural sunlight. The easiest way to capitalize on this natural resource is to show your home during the daytime when the sun is shining brightly, throwing open blinds or shades, and decluttering windowsills and washing panes to allow light inside…….

Decluttering is about showing more of the home you love. And it will be fantastic to look around and see more of it, even if you plan on selling your home. Owing a lot means you spend more time cleaning, rearranging and storing. When preparing your home for sale, remove knickknacks, fridge memories and family heirlooms……….

The kitchen. Yep, it is the room that holds the refrigerator, stove, dishwasher and assorted smaller appliances. But it is also the center around which the house revolves – a gathering place, communication center, and a warm and cozy room to receive nourishment. As such it must be spotless, sparkling and spacious………..

When you put your home for sale on the market, you are essentially offering buyers that they can acquire the house for a given price and other terms. The process of making offers varies around the country……..

Did You Know You Can Replace Your Foggy Glass Panels Without Replacing The Whole Window?. Many Homeowners want to see more through their windows and they think the whole window …….

Staging is an investment to help sell your home faster and get better offers. Learn more about how its benefits far outweigh the costHave you ever noticed how real estate agents invest …..

Who would not love having a swimming pool in their backyard?. Does a home swimming pool increase the value of a home? Having a pool in the backyard is a dream for many buyers…..

Home Buying Tips

The Good: The demand for real estate will grow. In Canada, supply cannot catch up with demand, which will create everlasting pressure on real estate. Everyone needs to have a place they can call home. You can build a great portfolio and set your family’s future for success…….

Men and women value many of the same things when they’re purchasing a new home. But some priorities are quite different. It appears to be the same for both to look for a detached three or four bedroom home, with two washroom and a garage.  A large master bedroom with an……

Is a home inspection really worth it? When you hire a home inspector you hire a third party to view the property objectively with no vested interest in the transaction. A professional home inspector will be able to point out any major issues with the property which can cost you …………

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases you’ll make so it’s important to be prepared. The process of buying a home can be confusing, especially for first-time homebuyers……

Utilities, cable, phone and internet providers. For utilities, have your hydro, gas and water meter reading written on the closing day or near it. Call the service company to set up your new account. …….

The Regional Municipality of York, also called York Region, is a municipality in Southern Ontario, Canada, between Lake Simcoe and Toronto. Find your school in York Region. If you are planning……

With all the news about the hot housing market and interest rates going up, you may be thinking about your mortgage. Should you go with a fixed or variable rate? Should you stay with your current  ……

There are several important factors that can get you lost in the excitement of buying a home. Keep in mind the following: Safety and Crime Rate, Schools, Public Transportation,  Neighbourhood and Location …..

When buying a home, there are many opportunities for the sale to fall through. I have highlighted the four reasons buyers and sellers do not make it to the closing table after the offer is accepted …..

Condominium Tips

Resale condos provide the opportunity to view and experience existing units and communities instead of just imagining them from floorplan …….

If you’re looking to buy a condo, there’s much to consider before starting your house-hunting journey. The first decision will be whether to purchase ……..


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